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Kind words from others:

The Guardian – "...already a cult hit in the US"

The New Yorker – "...the most inappropriate bedtime story ever" 

The Huffington Post – "...a creepier version of the classic kid's book"

Heavy Metal Magazine – "Some Nighttime reading..."

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Just something flattering from Jelisa Castrodale

Goodnight Keith Moon

Bruce Worden

Bruce Worden, one of the most unemployed children's book illustrators of our time, is best remembered for his illustrations for GOODNIGHT KEITH MOON and his comic book series WOODSTALK: 3 DAYS OF PEACE, MUSIC, AND ZOMBIES. He lives (that is to say: eats chocolate, collects records, and stares into the abyss) in Ann Arbor, MI with his wife and son. See more, if you must, at

Clare Cross

Clare Cross has been writing since she was six years old, when she figured her parents might stop fighting if she wrote a poem, an effort that proved immediately, though temporarily, successful. She is the author of two plays, TALKING ALL NIGHT and JOB'S WIFE, and numerous stories and poems. Her essays on such works as MAJOR BARBARA, THE ICEMAN COMETH, and Edward Bond's LEAR have appeared as part of the Gale Research series Drama for Students and have undoubtedly been plagiarized by generations of freshmen desperate to hand in papers they've been procrastinating on for weeks.